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Orchard Trailers FAQ

Can I pull a fifth wheel or gooseneck trailer with a short bed truck?

In most cases, yes, however you may need specific hitch components to make your specific truck and trailer combination work well together. Contact us if you have questions.

Can my 1/2 ton pick-up tow a fifth wheel?

Maybe so, but we would want to make sure you are looking at an appropriate fifth wheel for the tow capacity and payload rating of your truck. Safety is our #1 priority. For additional information, please call a member of our sales team.

Do you rent travel trailers, motor homes, or horse trailers?


Do I need to register my trailer as I would my car?

Yes. Trailers require registered license plates just as cars do.

Do you offer financing?

Yes! Orchard Trailers provides many different forms of financing for travel trailers, fifth wheels, motor homes, and horse trailers. Both new and used! Visit our Financing Page to learn more.

Will you show me how to hook up and drive my new trailer?

Yes. At Orchard Trailers we take every step necessary to make sure you have a safe trailer experience. New to towing? First-timers are welcome!

Are all used trailers the same?

No! Used trailers purchased at Orchard Trailers have been thoroughly serviced. Private sale used trailers are usually purchased as is. Beware! Visit the Used Trailer sections of our site for a complete listing of available used trailers. Used Horse Trailers, Used Camper Trailers.

Do you take trades?


Do you install hitches, brake controllers and wiring?

Yes. We have a full service shop with skilled mechanics here to set your vehicle up for your new trailer. We offer complete gooseneck, fifth wheel, and trailer hitch installations, as well as rear and interior trailer cameras, brake controllers, and more!

Do you offer delivery?

Yes. We offer delivery anywhere in the United States.

What is a weight distribution kit?

The main purpose of a weight distribution hitch is to safely distribute the weight of the trailer over the truck's frame. A weight distribution kit often increases the rated capacity of your truck's trailer hitch, though it will not increase your towing capacity. A member of our service or sales team will be happy to answer any questions on hitches for you. 

Is a straight load trailer or slant load trailer better for horses?

Neither. Some horses prefer to travel riding forward and some prefer the slant. right answer for this question.

Which is safer, a bumper pull or a fifth wheel/gooseneck?

Both are safe if hooked up properly with the correct tow vehicle. However, goosenecks give a more stable ride because the hitch is mounted in the back of the truck as opposed to the rear of the vehicle.

Which is better, a ramp or step up?

There is no correct answer for this. Some horses prefer one over the other, however most will load onto a step up if trained properly.

Can you tell me if my horse will fit in a specific trailer?

Yes, we can advise you on the correctly sized trailer for your horses. Every situation is different and we have a trailer for every size animal. 

How often should my trailer be serviced?

In general, trailers should be serviced annually or every 12,000 miles, whichever comes first.

What size tow vehicle do I need to tow a trailer?

That depends on the overall size and weight of your trailer. We at Orchard Trailers are happy to recommend appropriate tow vehicles based on your trailer choice.